Pass by any of our establishments and purchase one of our GIFT CARDS.
We present it in an envelope, hand-folded in an Old Japanese style.
Each establishment has its own...
The GIFT CARD value that we offer you, is predefined. The restaurant ones are of 70 € and the fast KIBUKA of 50 € (*).
Thank you for your confidence!


Conditions and exceptions:

(*) If you want a gift card for a superior amount you can send us an email to, or you can call our offices on working days from 9am to 2pm. Phone 932 856 820.

-Our GIFT CARD is not subject to any predefined offer. The client may order whatever is available in our menu.

-The client may use the card in more than one ocasion until the value is totally spent. On the other hand, if the bill exceeds the available value, the client will have to pay the difference.

-Once the GIFT CARD is purchased, KIBUKA will not be responsable in any way in case of loss or theft. The card is not nominative.

-The card does not expire and once purchased it's automatically activated.

-fast KIBUKA GIFT CARDS are only valid for take away orders. It is not valid for delivery orders.

-Each GIFT CARD is exclusive for the establishment it was designed for. For example, if you buy one in Goya st. KIBUKA it can only be used in this restaurant, and the same with the other ones.